Our patented, mechanical-only smart differential locker uses only planetary gear set (2) and centrifugal friction clutch (1).
Suitable for tractors, loaders, heavy trucks, cars...

aic differential lock

It is fully aic, there are no diff-lock buttons needed in the cab. This mechanism is sensitive to the difference in the RPM of the right shaft (33) vs. left (34)
While there is no slip at any wheel, speed difference of the shafts 33 and 34 is too low to activate clutch 1 and differential is fully open (0% lock). When any wheel starts to slip, clutch is activated and transmitt the torque from the faster shaft to the slower one. More slip - more power goes to the wheel with traction and up to 100% power can be delivered to the wheel with traction. When obstacle (slip) is gone and wheels get the same (or similar) speeds, friction clutch looses speed and is smoothly deactivated.
This LSD (limited slip differential) can aically operate in range 0 - 100% of lock using only simple geared-up centrifugal friction clutch. This make it uniqe.
The "hart" of this patent is mechanical setup with geared-up centrifugal clutch, which enables two shafts to rotate in the same direction with the same, or similar speeds only. When the difference raise up, clutch connects the faster shaft with the slower one to make speed difference lower. The torque of the clutch is multiplied, what makes this locker compact and durable. There are two ways to use it in vehicle´s driveline:

  • Diff locker - used in combination with standard open differential for permanently driven axles
  • Non-permanent drive - to connect single wheel without differential. One clutch for every single wheel, which is powered only when the main axle is slipping (steerable axles in 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 or the second axle of 4x4)


diff-lock comparison

Prototype testing:

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